What We Do


More than just pretty faces, we provide singers, acrobats, translators, and other talent. Actors and Actresses with a given look, or with a special skill are one of our specialties. We have provided everything from archers to trapeze artists to fire breathers.

Spokes People

Trade shows, conferences, and tour guides require professionals who are friendly, attractive, and informed. Our staff can learn your pitch, talking points, and background information. Let us make your potential customers, guests, and VIPs first impression as strong as possible.


Print, runway, or video, our models can match any look, build, and fit requirements you have. Our database of models has measurements of each model, so we can typically find a model to fill your exact needs.

Professional Talent On-Demand

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Need Talent?

BlackWaterModels are the highest caliber talent, and we work with other agencies around the world, so we can fill any requirement in any location. Our models represent all 50 states, 14 languages, and 35 countries.


Looking To Start A Career?

If you are looking to be a professional model, full-time, or part-time, we can help.
We are a recruitment firm, not an agent. That means models/talent never pay us for any services, and are not locked in to any contracts.

You Know What To Do

Why BlackWaterModels?

  • As a recruiter, we don’t charge our models for our services.

  • Most complete database of model measurements and talents, so we can work with costuming to make certain models will fit.

  • Model interviews establish the level of education, personality profile, and skill level, so you can be sure they will impress.

  • Simplified payment: BlackWaterModels can act as the contractor for corporate accounts.

  • Database of “family resemblance” allows you to look for talent that resembles actor/actress leads to play family, or older and younger versions of the primary actor.